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Freediver - Beginner Package - 3 days - R3 750

This course package is suited to those who have had no ocean/diving experience. Someone in this category may never have snorkeled, scuba dived or been out to sea on a boat.

Even if you have participated in one of the afore mentioned activities but feel you may need a little more time to gain experience then this course package is for you. An additional two practice sessions are incorporated to help you develop your skills.

Check out the FAQ's for common questions about freediving.


  • What will you learn?

On successful completion of the course you will be comfortable to: 

1. freedive to depths of 14-20m (Constant weight freedive CWT)

2. hold your breath for 2-3 minutes (Static apnea)

3. swim 25-50m in the pool (Dynamic apnea) 

  • What is included in this package?

1. training materials and instructor lead tution through auidio/visual presentations (2-3 hrs) 

2. gear hire

3. pool sessions and practice (2-3hrs)

4. two open ocean practice sessions (1hr each)

5. two open ocean qualifying dive sessions (1hr each)

6. Freediver certification and registration (Pure Apnea or RAID)

  • What does it cost, how long does it take?

R3 750 / 3 days